Essentials of the Forex Market
Essentials of the Forex Market

Essentials of the Forex Market

Our program offers a structured learning path for both novices and experienced individuals aiming to master Forex trading. Participants are introduced to the Forex market’s complexities, including its structure, operations, and primary instruments. They gain a well-rounded view of market dynamics from the perspectives of various participants, from large institutions to individual traders. The course covers the evolution of exchange rate regimes and the impact of diverse monetary policies on global trade and investments. Learners will understand the relationship between exchange rates and the balance of payments. Practical exercises in exchange rate quotations and calculations enhance skills and ability to spot arbitrage opportunities. The program concludes with insights on currency risk management techniques, including the use of forward contracts, options, and currency swaps for effective risk mitigation.

Ref: EOFM-205

Learning Outcomes

  • Delve into the foreign exchange market's dynamics and key players.
  • Understand the diverse instruments used in forex trading and their applications.
  • Decode and leverage spot and forward rates in trading.
  • Explore the types and impacts of various exchange rate regimes.
  • Learn the influence of a country’s financial health on the forex market and predict movements.
  • Enhance analytical skills by exploring various forex theories.
  • Understand foreign exchange hedging to mitigate risks and optimize returns.
  • Discover a variety of forex derivatives to enhance trading strategies.

Who Should Attend

  • Fund manager
  • Asset manager 
  • Management assistant
  • Financial analyst
  • Bank treasurer
  • Corporate treasurer


  • 2 days (14 hours)


  • €2050 + VAT for one participant.
  • €1650 + VAT each for a group of 2 or 3 participants, only with group registration.
  • €1350 + VAT each for groups of more than 3, only with group registration.

Tailored Training Solutions

  • We offer the option to collaboratively develop customized programs.
  • If you don't find precisely what you're looking for, we are here to assist you in constructing the perfect solution for your organization.
  • Any of our training courses can be delivered just for your team.
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Training Agenda

I. Foreign Exchange Market Ecosystem  

  1. Functions of the Foreign Exchange Market  
  2. Various Uses of the Foreign Exchange Market  
  3. Size of the Foreign Exchange Market  
  4. Main Instruments:  
  • Spot  
  • Futures Contracts  
  • Forward Contracts  
  • Options  
  • FX Swap  

    5.Main Participants

  • Banks
  • Companies
  • Governments
  • Funds
  • Retail investors   
  • Quiz: 
    • Match the financial instrument and market participants to the corresponding definition  

II. Different Exchange Rate Regimes  

  1. The Gold Standard  
  2. The Bretton Woods System
  3. Floating Exchange Rate Regime  
  4. Fixed Exchange Rate Regime  
  • Practical Case:
    • Zoom on The European Monetary Policy      

III. Exchange Rates and Balance of Payments  

  1. The Marshall-Lerner Condition  
  2. Price Elasticity  
  3. Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates  
  4. Current Account and Capital Account Balances  
  5. Contribution of the Theory:  
  • Covered and Uncovered Interest Rate Parity  
  • Purchasing Power Parity  
  • Practical Case:
    • Evaluate the impact of monetary and fiscal policy on the exchange rate of a fictional country's currency

IV. Exchange Rate Quotation Conventions  

  1. General Information  
  2. Cross Rates and Triangular Arbitrage  
  3. Forward Rates  
  • Practical Cases: 
    • Calculation of a forward rate  
    • Examination of a triangular arbitrage situation  

V. Currency Risk Hedging  

  1. With a Forward Contract  
  2. With an Option  
  3. With a Currency Swap  
  • Practical Case: 
    • Participants will develop a strategy using various financial instruments to protect a small business from currency risks.


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