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FINANCE TUTORING stands for expert and tailor-made training, offering a range of programs in Corporate Finance, Market Finance, Quantitative Finance, and Behavioral Finance. Each training program is tailored to the requirements of the profession, allowing for an effective transfer of skills into the daily lives of the clients who trust us.


Our trainings combine solid theory and practical applications, ensuring quality services that are structured and led by professionals in the subject matter. Just like the round dance, the logo of FINANCE TUTORING symbolizes the tripartite agreement between the trainer, the client, and the learners, but also the movement that begins with the acquisition of new concepts, followed by their transposition into each one’s professional practice.


Former investment manager in venture capital, prop trader on the French and American equity markets, I have been a trainer and independent consultant in market finance and corporate finance for 10 years now through the training organization FINANCE TUTORING that I created.

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris (economic and financial section), holding a degree in economic sciences (option in money and finance) and the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst®), I have a keen interest in most themes related to the vast world of finance.

This includes the functioning of financial markets, financial analysis, corporate finance, management, and valuation of assets from the simplest to the most complex (stocks, "simple" bonds, bonds with options, options, forwards, structured products, swaps, swaptions, CDS, FRA, etc.) and their use for the purpose of hedging risks.

I also have a very good theoretical and practical knowledge of behavioral finance.

Indeed, it is necessary to be able to identify, recognize, and adapt to the cognitive and emotional biases that are omnipresent in the ultra-competitive universe of trading but also more broadly in asset management and wealth management.

Naturally, in order to best meet the training and consulting requests addressed to me, I occasionally surround myself with professionals from the relevant themes.

Recently, I decided to offer a course dedicated to quantitative finance: the fundamentals of quantitative finance.


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