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Essentials of Hedge Funds
Essentials of Hedge Funds

Essentials of Hedge Funds

This course offers a thorough journey into the world of hedge funds, beginning with an exploration of their defining characteristics, operational benefits, and constraints. Participants will gain insights into varied hedge fund strategies such as equity, event-driven, and relative value, enriched by interactive quizzes to assess their understanding.

The curriculum advances into the analytical dimensions, where participants master performance analysis using key metrics like Sharpe, Sortino, and Jensen's Alpha. The pivotal role of hedge funds in enhancing performance, reducing risk, and offering inflation protection in asset allocation is thoroughly examined, shedding light on the selection of investment vehicles and the associated constraints.

The learning journey culminates in a deep dive into methods for determining hedge fund allocation. Emphasis is laid on multifactor models, Monte Carlo simulation, and CVaR to ensure a comprehensive understanding. Additionally, a special segment is dedicated to unfolding the intricate statistical properties of hedge fund investments, including skewness and kurtosis, offering participants a holistic view of hedge fund analytics and application. 

Ref: EOHF185

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what a hedge fund is.
  • Grasp the advantages and constraints of a hedge fund.
  • Know the different strategies of hedge funds.
  • Understand the methods of evaluating performance and risks associated with hedge funds.
  • Recognize the advantages and constraints posed by hedge funds in the context of asset allocation.
  • Be familiar with the methods and adjustments necessary to analyze the statistical properties of returns posted by hedge funds.

Who Should Attend

  • Fund Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Wealth Manager
  • Management Assistant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Bank Treasurer
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Individuals looking to understand the role and various strategies applied by Hedge Funds.


  •  2 days (14 hours)


  • €1850 + VAT for one participant.
  • €1480 + VAT each for a group of 2 or 3 participants, only with group registration.
  • €1180 + VAT each for groups of more than 3, only with group registration.

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Training Agenda

I. Main Characteristics and Challenges

  1. Definition
  2. Key Features
  3. Benefits
  4. Constraints

II. Hedge Funds Strategy Typology

  1. Equity
  2. Event-Driven
  3. Relative Value
  4. Opportunistic
  5. Specialist
  6. Multi-Strategies
  • Quiz:
    • Match a strategy example to the correct category of hedge funds.

III. Hedge Funds Performance Analysis

  1. Ratios and indicators of risk and performance
  • Sharpe
  • Sortino
  • Jensen's Alpha
  • Max Drawdown

    2. Conditional multifactor models

  • Practical Case:
    • Analyze and explain different performance ratios.

IV. Hedge Funds and Asset Allocations

  1. Role of integrating hedge funds into asset allocation
  •  Performance enhancement
  •  Risk and correlation reduction
  •  Inflation protection
2.  Choice of investment vehicle: direct   investments or mutual funds
3.  Constraints associated with hedge funds in asset allocation 
    • Methods for determining allocation to hedge funds:
  •  - Multifactor models

     - Monte Carlo simulation

     - Mean-variance optimized models

     - CVaR (Conditional Value at Risk)

    • Specific statistical properties:
    • Skewness, kurtosis, fat tails, survivorship bias
  • Practical Case:
    • Analyze the reasons for the falls of LTCM (1998), Amaranth Advisors (2006), Archegos Capital Management (2021).


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