Finance pour non-financiers

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

The "Finance for Non-Financial Professionals" course simplifies corporate finance, offering tools and insights for navigating business financial dynamics. Participants learn to read and apply accounting documents and are enriched with a financial vocabulary for effective communication and decision-making. 

The program provides a view of a company's financial journey, with practical tools for evaluating investment projects aligned with organizational goals. Ideal for entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals seeking enhanced financial insights and confidence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the company's ecosystem
  • Know the different accounting documents (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement)
  • Know how to analyze them to assess the company's financial health
  • Acquire the tools to measure the company's performance
  • Acquire financial culture and jargon
  • Concretely grasp the different moments in the life of the company
  • Know how to evaluate an investment project and the company itself.

Who Should Attend

  • People who are currently working in or aim to join the private equity industry.


  • 2 days (14 hours)


  • €1650 + VAT for one participant. 
  • €1350 + VAT each for a group of 2 or 3 participants, only with group registration. 
  • €1050 + VAT each for groups of more than 3, only with group registration.

Training Agenda

I - Understanding and Interpreting Company Accounts

  1. The Basics of Accounting
  2. Understanding Various Accounting Documents: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement
  • Practical Case:
    • Analyzing Financial Statements

II - The Company Ecosystem

  1. Business Creation: Different Legal Forms
  2. Various Clauses in Shareholders' Agreements
  3. Raising Funds
  • Practical Case: 
    • Choosing the appropriate  Business Structure

III - Daily Life of the Company

  1. Company Financing Needs
  2. Life of the Company
  3. Company Failure
  • Practical Case:
    • Managing Working Capital

IV - Performance Measurement Tools

  1. Different Types of Margins
  2. Break-Even Point
  3. Leverage Effect
  4. Financial Ratios
  • Practical Case:
    • Calculating Financial Ratios

V - Expanding Financial Knowledge

  1. Financial Parlance
  2. Anglo-Saxon Acronyms
  • Practical Case:
    • Analyzing Investment Terms

VI - Financial Analysis and Evaluation

  1. Conducting Financial Analysis
  • Market Approach
  • Asset-Based Approach
  • Discounted Cash Flow Approach
  2. Investment Evaluation
  • Calculating Cash Flows for a Project
  • Selecting the Discount Rate
  • Practical Case:
    • Evaluating an Investment Opportunity


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